PROJECT – Seashells Apartments, Scarborough

178 Esplanade, Scarborough, Perth


Stable Commercial


Amaury Desjardins


The seashells apartments are made up of residents who are both short and long-term stays. After many years of waterproofing issues, the owner of the building decided to act against these ongoing problems.

BUSS was asked to come in and remove the existing pavers, remove all the existing sand and geotextile cloth over the existing slab and to treat/repair the area.

BUSS discovered that a double layer of a torch on membrane was applied on the substrate and a bitumen primer was incorporated into the existing slab. BUSS was required to mechanically remove the failed membrane (dual layer).

Furthermore, the primer incorporated into the existing slab which meant that BUSS had to grind off the entire slab to bare concrete for the new solvent primer application.

Once the entire slab had been ground back, BUSS was able to identify all the cracks and issues on the existing slab. Approximately 130lm of crack had to be treated by injection.

After all repairs and surface preparation had been completed, BUSS started to apply the new membrane.

With an efficient and experienced team, BUSS applied the new membrane over the 457 m² in only five days with quality.


  • ARDEX WOM 1000: a versatile rubber membrane best suited for waterproofing works.


  • Works were completed earlier than scheduled.
  • The consultant was impressed with the neatness of our work and expertise throughout the entire project