PROJECT – 22-24 The Avenue, Crawley

Balcony Repairs – Concrete Repairs & Planter Boxes


Council of Owners of 22-24 The Avenue, Crawley


Amaury Desjardins


BUSS was initially requested to assess the severity of concrete cancer across various levels of The Avenue, Crawley apartment blocks. The majority of the concrete cancer was present throughout the balconies. Each balcony has a planter box channel along the perimeter. The assessment concluded that both the planter boxes and balconies’ balustrade base were not properly waterproofed or sealed during construction, which had led to water penetration through the concrete over the years. When water and oxygen have penetrated the concrete the reinforcement bars expanded pushing against the concrete and began to rust. The further the concrete moved the more water and oxygen infiltrated cycling rapidly into widespread concrete cancer.

BUSS was awarded the repairs of the balconies and the waterproofing of the planter boxes. The repairs were located on three levels. BUSS established a three-story scaffold to have easy access to all the repairs. Initially, all impacted and suspicious areas of the balcony were cut along the perimeter to breakout all loose concrete and to treat the rust on the reinforcement bars. Removing concrete,  particularly at these heights and due to the residential nature of the apartment blocks, required stringent safety monitoring for both contractors and residents. 

For the concrete cancer areas of the balcony where the repairs necessary were relatively large, pourable repair mortar (Renderoc LA55) was used. For the other, smaller repairs (Renderoc HB40) was used through hand packing applications. A new waterproofing system was applied to all planter boxes on the balconies to avoid any future water ingress onto the balcony concrete surfaces.

The Avenue, Crawley project was completed to client satisfaction and within the quoted budget.


  • Parchem Renderoc LA 55, HB 40 and FC
  • Sikalastic 560


  • Complex working at heights concrete repair across various levels of an apartment block.
  • Balcony balustrade was required to be temporarily secured while working.
  • Although challenging, the finish was matched with existing after the repairs were conducted.