Isolation Water Testing & Water Leak Detection

What is Isolation Water Testing?

Quite often visual inspections cannot locate the cause of a building leak. Isolation Water Testing is a practical and safe method of leak detection. It involves the isolation of individual components with the aim to replicate environmental elements such as wind and rain. The nature of water forces it to maneuver across a path with the least resistance to the lowest possible point. This often results in the source of the leak being significantly further away from where the water presents. BUSS checks all possible potential leak origins which are not always represented at the site of the water leak in a systemic manner to ensure each pathway is addressed and investigated. The aim of Isolation Water Testing is to recreate the leak under a controlled and regulated environment. Once the source of the problem has been identified, a report is generated to the client and repairs can begin. When Isolation Water Testing is correctly executed by our trained and experienced staff it will reliably find the source of the issue, making this methodology the most accurate and cost-effective waterproofing tool.

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Why are water leaks often a reoccurring problem?

Many people deal with a reoccurring leak even after multiple contractors have visited and only quick fixes have been applied. The BUSS Isolation Water Testing allows the root-cause to be identified and resolved, creating a long-term solution. There are 3 main components in Isolation Water Testing that are essential for identifying the root cause.


Isolation Water Testing is an intricate process, by utilising gravity it is possible to distinguish areas and determine in which area the primary failure exists.

Water Pressure

Testing needs to simulate natural water events of both rain and wind. Incorrect water pressure methods can create false positives where the initial problem remains undiagnosed or it may lead to bigger failures.


Rushing an Isolation Water Test can formulate misleading results. Water takes time to infiltrate a crack and then leak. The spraying time needs to replicate a natural volume.

water test


Isolation Water Testing is a specialised service provided by BUSS when there is a reoccurring and unresolved leak. While the visible and physical signs may be obvious during initial investigations, further testing is often required to determine the full extent of the issue and the root cause. As each case is unique, the process of conducting the Isolation Water Testing will differ with each investigation. Isolation water testing area includes roofs, balconies, walkways, basements, walls and windows.

Formulated and Implemented by BUSS

BUSS have adapted the Isolation Water Testing method and developed a specialised approach to isolation testing. This procedure has proven to be consistently successful and is confidently backed by BUSS Group. Our Isolation Water Testing has been developed in the field to reliably determine the source of leaks. In the unlikely event that the isolation testing does not determine the root cause, further testing can be implemented for further evaluation.



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