Common signs of water damage

How does water damage affect your asset?

Water is absorbed into flooring, drywall, ceilings and timber support beams with the potential to cause structural damage and mould growth before it’s detected.  It’s crucial to react to water damage immediately, as the effects of water damage will continue to spread and worsen until the source is repaired and the affected materials dried, restored or replaced. Water damage is a problem that all property owners dread, it can strike at any time and once it happens, catching it quickly should be the primary goal.  The longer you wait to fix a leak, the more harmful the effects of water damage to you, your family and your property and the more it is going to cost.

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    What does water damage look like?

    In order to understand the dangers associated with water damage and the risks it poses to your health and home, familiarise yourself with the most common signs of water damage:


    Musty Odours

    Excess water or moisture can create a musty odour when it’s absorbed into carpets and building materials such as timber, drywall, insulation, etc.

    Mould and Fungal Growth

    One of the biggest consequences of water damage to your health is the growth of mould and fungi within your home.  These organisms produce spores that pollute the air and can prove hazardous to the long-term health of you and your family.

    Colder/Difficult to Heat

    If a property is feeling colder than normal and is proving difficult to heat it could be due to dampness in the walls.  Water and moisture will draw heat from the walls and then evaporate resulting in the coldness.

    Stained and Warped Walls

    When drywall absorbs too much water it will produce visible stains and will bend and curve causing the walls to warp.  Excessive warping will allow the property to become structurally weak.

    Pooled Water

    Pooling water in any area of the property poses a threat to its’ overall condition.  If the pooling water is prolonged, it can be absorbed by the foundation putting the entire structure at risk.

    Peeling Paint or Wallpaper

    Excess moisture behind walls will cause paint and wallpaper to peel and bubble – flaking paint or separation in wallpaper indicate water damage.

    Buckled Ceilings and Floors

    If the drywall has absorbed too much moisture, it can affect the connected ceilings and floors.  Buckling of your ceilings and floors are a clear indication of water damage and pose a very real risk to the structural integrity of the property.

    Efflorescence (Salt) to facade, tiles or balconies

    This is generally due to small hairline cracks in your balcony tile grout lines or water seeping in behind and under the tiles allowing water saturation of the tile screed or bed.

    Rust Spots to Concrete

    If the supporting steelwork in the concrete is not installed properly, water will penetrate and the steel will rust, expanding as it does so.


    Servicing Perth and the metro area, BUSS’ skilled and experienced remedial team employ a range of techniques that help determine the cause of your water damage.  Drawing on our experience and industry best practice, BUSS’ team have been servicing our clients in the commercial, industrial, residential, mining and resources market for more than 20 years.  Our specialist team have been applying their expertise in completing condition assessments, creating action plans to remediate issues, developing repair methodologies, providing product recommendations and undertaking repairs via trusted techniques to eradicate underlying problems and renew assets to their desired state for our clients. Our proven track record in effective remedial solutions and quality workmanship, supported by our affiliation with leading industry organisations – Australian Institute of Waterproofing, the Australasian Concrete Repair Association and the Strata Community Association, along with our Cert III accredited applicators, offer our clients peace of mind for all their remedial repairs.  Our association with these leading organisations allows us the advantage of being one of the most qualified, trusted and reputable remedial contractors in WA. BUSS is your ‘go to’ contractor for all your water damage and waterproofing needs in Perth and the metro area, as well as Regional WA.  For more information, please feel free to contact us below,  or call 08 9444 1732 for more information.

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