Identifying a leaking shower

Leaking shower. Locating the source!

After identifying a leaking shower, through the common indicators it is imperative to locate the source of the leak. Without finding the source and just fixing the visible water leaks, then there is a risk of having ongoing problems, as the main source of the problem has not been rectified.

Water leaks need to always be repaired at the source, not just the visible leaking area. Most leaks are travelling from an original source and require deeper investigation to determine their location.


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What causes a leaking shower?

There can be multiple reasons as to why a shower starts leaking. If the main source of the leak in the shower is not identified and repaired, it can lead to big inconveniences and ongoing damage to a residence or commercial facilities.

There are common indicators that your shower is leaking. These could be:

The Smell of Rot

A buildup of moisture causes materials and products to decay. If you begin to smell mold/mildew or rotting wood, the likelihood is that there is a leaking shower.

Bubbling Paint

A buildup of moisture can also cause paint to bubble and peel away from underneath. This is a common telltale sign of a leaking shower.

Visible Damage on Walls

Water leaking behind the walls of a shower often leave a stain or weaken the structural integrity of the wall and is a clear sign of a leaking shower.

Missing Grout

as moisture can degrade materials, like grout, it can become loose and fall out of place, making it apparent that there is a leaking shower.

Loose Tiles

A common sign of a leaking shower is once tiles have become loose. This is due to the weakening of the adhesive or the surface that the tiles have been placed on has become warped.

Structural Movement

As a building foundation settle or moves naturally with temperature, this can cause a weakening or cracks in a shower seal. These cracks then allow water to move through the foundations causing shower leaks.

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BUSS staff can repair your leaking shower recess without removing any tiles. This is done by re-grouting and re-silicone the failed or affected areas and then seal all grout. BUSS have vast experience in repairing leaking showers for both commercial and residential buildings. Call us today on 08 9444 1732 for more information.

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