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Why apply an outdoor waterproofing membrane system?

Leaks to outdoor areas and structures are quite common as these areas and structures are exposed to considerable temperatures and weather-related stress, therefore an outdoor waterproofing membrane system in these areas is crucial.  If left untreated, water damage from leaks to external areas and structures can cause costly structural problems and pose great safety risks. While balconies are one of the most common areas that we treat for waterproofing, we also treat rooftops, decking, pools/spas, pool surrounds, retaining walls, walkways/stirs, carparks, planter boxes and water features. 

What are the primary reasons for outdoor water damage? 

Loose, cracked or missing tiles: Allows water to penetrate substrate and surrounds.

Damaged or failed waterproofing:  Damage caused to the membrane at the time of construction, installation of an unsuitable membrane system, inadequate preparation methods, incorrect installation procedure, thermal changes in temperature or long-term building movements promote the failure of a waterproofing membrane system and allow water to penetrate the area.

Unprotected structures:  Primarily in older buildings, you can find waterproofing membranes have not been installed and as a consequence, over time the unprotected area will suffer severe water damage.


    Did you know that currently waterproofing is unregulated in WA? How do you know who to trust? Read more...

    What are the common areas requiring an outdoor waterproofing membrane?

    Due to consistent exposure to weather, outdoor areas are prone to leaking and if left untreated may pose safety risks, cause extreme damage and require costly repairs.

    Balconies & Terraces

    Leaking balconies/terraces are fairly common and extremely serious because of the potential to cause structural/substrate damage and water ingress to the property’s interior. Whether it’s waterproofing a new construction or restoring a pre-existing structure, it’s very important to have the knowledge and experience to evaluate, choose and apply the best suited outdoor waterproofing membrane system.

    Planter Boxes

    Waterproofing will protect planter boxes from developing cracks which would allow water to leak onto surrounding areas and penetrate internal areas if over, or adjacent to, interior finish work.  It will defend against water leaking onto balconies, decking or paved areas which would give rise to excess moisture which promotes the growth of fungus and bacterial allergies, delaminates deck coatings and produces dry rot.


    Waterproofing of basements, for structures that are built at, or below, ground level and are subject to ground water pressure, is required under the Building Code of Australia.  If there is insufficient external drainage or a waterproofing failure, water will penetrate. All structures including residential homes, high rise commercial building and apartment buildings require basement waterproofing to prevent against water ingress.


    The most important aspect of a roofing system is a waterproofing membrane system which can withstand the most severe weather conditions.

    Car Parks (Top Decks)

    Carparks are exposed to frequent vehicular traffic which makes them susceptible to cracks and moisture.  When it rains, vehicles bring water and sediment onto the structure, and if not properly waterproofed this will penetrate into the concrete causing corrosion, which in turn can lead to concrete cancer and structural integrity issues.

    Walkways and Steps

    Keeping walkways and steps waterproofed is essential in preserving and protecting the materials that they are constructed from.  Any moisture penetration will cause structural defects to the supports and the surface will become a safety hazard.

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    BUSS provide high quality and effective waterproofing solutions for leaks to outdoor areas and structures in the commercial, industrial and property management sectors.   

    • We have 20+ years’ experience in the building and construction industry.  
    • We hold active memberships in the Australasian Concrete Repair Association, the Australian Institute of Waterproofing and the Strata Community Association.   
    • We are trusted service providers to property/strata managers, builders, government departments/agencies and commercial clients.
    • We offer excellent service, workmanship guarantee, product warranty and competitive pricing.
    • For your peace of mind, all our senior team hold Cert III accreditation, and our entire team hold a current WA Police Clearance.

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