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What is remedial waterproofing?

The waterproofing membrane system of a structure is a critical element in ensuring the safety of the occupants, protecting the building envelope and preserving the value of the building/structure.  Inferior or damaged waterproofing can fail and lead to a multitude of issues including cracks, mould and structural defects including concrete cancer

Remedial waterproofing is the detection and repair of a water leak or failed waterproofing membrane in a timely manner, thus averting major problems and extensive repair costs.

While signs of water penetration and damage are obvious, an investigation is often required to source the location of the leak.  Once BUSS’ remedial waterproofing specialists detect the source of the leak we will develop an action plan and relevant remedial waterproofing solutions to rectify the problem.  By using a combination of fully compliant remedial waterproofing systems and techniques, we will complete the repairs and ensure there is no recurrence. 

When is remedial waterproofing required?

Remedial waterproofing is required as soon as a leak is detected and before it becomes a bigger problem.  The source of the leak must be determined and relevant repairs completed as soon as possible using one or a number of waterproofing techniques.  

Waterproofing issues may be identified by any of the following:

  • Blistering/peeling paint 
  • Bubbles in paint that hold water
  • Mould, mildew and vegetative growth
  • Efflorescence (white drip stains usually on the edge of stairs and balconies)
  • Wall cracks
  • Rust stains on concrete
  • Rising internal damp


    Did you know that currently waterproofing is unregulated in WA? How do you know who to trust? Read more...

    What are the remedial waterproofing solutions?

    Remedial waterproofing solutions include rising damp treatment, leak sealing injections, concrete crack injections, waterproofing membrane installations, joint sealing, fall correction, barrier coating systems and concrete repairs.

    Reasons why below grade waterproofing is expensive

    Below grade waterproofing usually involves the installation of membranes on both the positive side (outside) and negative side (inside) of the structure during construction. If repairs are required after construction, injection type repairs from the negative side (inside) waterproofing membrane may be an effective solution if there are no major leaks.  However, the positive side (outside) waterproofing membrane will be inaccessible for repairs or inspection after construction, especially on buildings with multiple floors below grade; this would mean that the costly removal of site features such as soil, landscaping, concrete, ramps, irrigation, pathways, etc. will be required to effect repairs no matter how small the repair is.

    Inadequate or poorly installed

          If an inadequate or poorly installed waterproofing membrane system has been installed during construction, it will eventually fail.  Once the system has failed a thorough investigation must be completed to source the leak; this may include site inspections, procedures such as excavation pits on the outside of the structure and destructive testing such as the coring of the foundation walls.

    Delay in detection and repair

    If the below grade waterproofing failure is not detected and repaired in a timely manner, the building may end up flooding.  The cost of a flooded building can easily exceed any budget for the repair works.


    Building accessibility issues during the repair works

    The required remedial works may create accessibility issues and therefore installation of temporary ramps, stairs or walkways may be necessary; or in a worst case scenario it may be necessary to temporarily close the building which would mean additional costs to relocate occupants while the works are being performed.


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    Drawing on our experience and industry best practice, BUSS’ remedial waterproofing specialists have been applying their expertise for more than 20 years to commercial, industrial and residential structures in Perth and the metro area, as well as Regional WA. 

    Our proven track record in effective remedial waterproofing solutions and quality workmanship, supported by our affiliation with leading industry organisations – Australian Institute of Waterproofing, the Australasian Concrete Repair Association and the Strata Community Association, along with our Cert III accredited applicators, offer our clients peace of mind for all their waterproofing needs.  Our association with these leading organisations allows us the advantage of being one of the most qualified, trusted and reputable remedial waterproofing contractors in WA.

    Our remedial waterproofing services include:  leak detection, site advice/investigation report, solution/scope of work, corrective actions and repairs, waterproofing and general consultancy.  For more information, please feel free to contact us below,  or call us on 08 9444 1732 for more information.

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