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What is remedial waterproofing?

Remedial waterproofing refers to when we apply waterproof membranes on existing buildings. Waterproof membranes are required when the pre-existing waterproofing product has start to show signs of failure and water ingress is becoming apparent to applicable aspects of the building.


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When is remedial waterproofing required?

Remedial waterproofing is a common occurrence, as generally waterproofing on a whole, has been known to be overlooked on various sites.

The most common indicators of a building requiring remedial waterproofing works are:

Water Damage

        When the structures water ingress damage is significant.


Health and Safety

When health and safety concerns arise from ongoing water damage such as mold.


Water Travel

When the water begins to travel to other areas and begin to cause damage.

remedial waterproofing

HOW BUSS CAN HELP? Steps to remedial waterproofing

Having been in the waterproofing industry for over 20 years, BUSS waterproofing specialists are able to locate the source of any water ingress, develop an applicable methodology to stop the root cause and apply their expertise and product to repair the damage caused.

BUSS have highly qualified waterproofing specialists available who can assess the level of water damage or what scope of waterproofing is required for any existing structure. With many years of experience in both the commercial and residential waterproofing, we provide a high standard of work and results. Contact us below or call us on 08 9444 1732 for more information.

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