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Shower Repairs: A leaking shower recess is one of the most common faults and complaints experienced by property owners and/or occupants.  At least 95% of leaking showers are due to building movement – the floors and walls of a structure continue to settle for many years after it’s built and constant use of your shower causes vibration of the floor and walls; although not noticeably so.  This vibration, as well as the settlement of the structure, may cause hairline cracks to form in various locations, with the most common area to crack being the corners of the shower floor. This cracking is the result of the tiles, and the grout in between the tiles, being rigid and inflexible whereby any movement of the walls or floor will cause the grout to crack and fall out.  When this occurs water will seep in causing the waterproofing membrane to become brittle and over time the waterproofing membrane will rupture and water will penetrate through to the walls and floor and into adjoining rooms. 

 At the first sign of a leaking shower it’s critical that it be repaired immediately otherwise it could lead to health problems, structural damage and ultimately, more expensive repairs in the future.  Shower leak repairs are best performed by professionals and BUSS’ waterproofing specialists are skilled and experienced in the identification and assessment of leak sources, completion of the shower repairs and installation of a fit for purpose waterproofing system in accordance with Australian Standards.


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    What we actually do to repair your shower?

    BUSS can repair your leaky shower recess without removing any tiles, by re-grouting and re-silicone the failed/affected areas and then seal all grout.

    Leak Detection

    Various methods to determine the source of the leaking shower; without removal of tiles.

    Grout Removal & Replacement

    Once the source of the shower leak has been determined, we will remove the old grout from the shower perimeter, floor waste/drain, wall to wall junctions and step joints as required and replace with new (matching existing colour or new).

    Membrane Repair & Replacement

    Repair, or remove and replace, failed waterproofing membrane as required.


    Application of sealant to floor, wall to wall junctions and around tap hardware of the shower.


    Repair or replace cracked, chipped or fractured floor and wall tiles as required.

    Immersion Testing

     Testing to ensure functionality and performance of the shower repairs.

    How much does it cost to fix a shower leak?

    The cost to fix a shower leak will depend upon the source of the leak itself, the severity of the damage and the size of the shower recess.  You are welcome to contact BUSS’ professional waterproofing team who are available to provide you with a free assessment/inspection and quote.

    How long before you can use shower after sealing?

    Curing time for shower sealant is dependent on the moisture content in the air.  Even if the sealant no longer feels tacky to the touch, it may not be fully cured.  We recommend not using the shower for at least 12-24 hours so as to ensure that the sealant is fully cured and waterproof.

    How long does caulk last in a shower?

    BUSS warrants its services and products to be free from defects for the periods stated below.

    The life span of caulk in a shower depends on the type and quality of caulk used, wear and tear, the preparation and application process that was followed, humidity levels, the presence of pre-existing mould or mildew and cleaning practices.

    How much does grout repair cost?

    Grout repair cost is dependent on the size of the damaged area and/or area to be repaired, accessibility to the repair area, quality of the grout to be used and whether or not the grout is to be custom coloured.

    How much does it cost to regrout a shower?

    The cost of regrouting a shower is dependent on the size of the area to be regrouted, whether or not the old grout has to be removed and the type/quality of the grout to be used.

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    BUSS provide high quality and effective waterproofing solutions for shower leak repairs across the commercial, residential, corporate and industrial sectors.   

    • We have 20+ years’ experience in the building and construction industry.  
    • We hold active memberships in the Australasian Concrete Repair Association, the Australian Institute of Waterproofing and the Strata Community Association.   
    • We offer 24/7 service, workmanship guarantee, product warranty and competitive pricing.
    • We are trusted service providers to property/strata managers, builders, government departments/agencies and residential clients.
    • For your peace of mind, all our Certificate III accredited applicators hold current WA Police Clearance.
    • We offer our services to Perth and the metro area.

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