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The most critical component of a swimming pool construction is waterproofing, which includes the correct choice of waterproofing materials that will fit the design (allowing for various penetrations including such elements such as lighting, piping and drainage) and the professional installation of the waterproofing system.  The floor and the walls of a swimming pool are subject to constant water pressure and consequently it’s essential that the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the swimming pool be waterproofed so that the structure can remain waterproofed and efficient with age.

To ensure effectiveness and longevity of a swimming pools waterproofing system it’s imperative that attention be given to the preparation of the substrate.  Checks need to be completed to ensure there are no brittle parts or other forms of debris that could compromise the coatings adhesion and thoroughly seal all elements that could possibly interrupt the linearity of the surfaces.   

The waterproofing membrane system is installed in swimming pools by one of two ways, either by hand with trowels, brushes or rollers, or by the use of spray equipment.  When a pool has a larger surface area containing contours and features, the most efficient and economical process to waterproof is through the spray equipment method.

Can concrete pools leak?

Some people believe that concrete applied by high levels of compressive strength will not leak, however concrete is by nature a porous substrate and because most swimming pools include penetrations for inlet and return lines, skimmer throats, light fixtures, cleaning systems, etc. keeping the water where it should be becomes a challenge.  Therefore, concrete shells should be sealed to ensure that pool water is kept in and groundwater kept out.


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Causes for Swimming Pool Leaks.

If a leak is due to a damaged swimming pool waterproofing membrane system, it’s important to ascertain the extent of the damage in order to determine the correct swimming pool repairs procedure.  With age, the waterproofing system of most pools will develop faults and failure points as a result of the continuous internal and external forces striking it. While they usually begin small, the cracks can lead to a pool leak of a serious nature.  

In an existing pool, locating the cracks can take a vast amount of time and the majority of people do not have the technical knowledge to complete swimming pool repairs themselves, even if they find it.  Some factors that can indicate a pool leak include:

  • Shrinkage cracks that develop during the curing process of the concrete;
  • Joint cracks, filled with cementitious joint fillers, that appear over time;
  • The absence of a waterproofing barrier between the concrete wall and the pool water;
  • A failure in suction lines and plumbing features; and
  • Honeycomb formation during the concreting process which weakens the structure.

Swimming Pool Waterproofing; Preventable steps for stopping leaks.

Many swimming pool owners are unaware of how to prevent a pool leak, but ensuring the following best practices are followed will help prevent them:

Plumbing related leaks

Ensure that pipes are at a safe depth to any pool plumbing lines and that there is no chance of interference.

Penetration leaks

Make sure that all pipes have proper epoxy coatings around them to assist in minimising water leaks.

Structural leaks

Ensure that impenetrable waterproof membrane has been installed, as water will be in constant contact with the membrane lining.

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What is swimming pool resurfacing?

Swimming pool resurfacing is the removal of the sealant on the pool’s surface and replacing it with a fresh sealant.  This procedure gives your pool a “facelift” and provides an opportunity to fix any deteriorated issues that arise. There are many benefits to a swimming pool resurfacing and they include:

  • Extend pool life:  takes care of any repair issues and delays their progression;
  • Cost savings:  taking quick action you reduce the need for larger and more costly repairs;
  • Pool aesthetics:  repairing leaks and weak spots in the shell but also allowing for a new coating, tile or plaster; and
  • Clean pool:  leaks allow water and hygiene chemicals to leave the pool thus allowing bacteria to grow, resurfacing the pool ensures all leaks are sealed.

What is the cost to resurface a swimming pool?

Resurfacing a swimming pool takes time, special equipment and project-specific materials.  The cost to resurface a pool is dependent on the size of the pool, whether or not there are features built-in (i.e. steps or curved walls) and the condition of the pool (i.e. existing surface damage) and whether or not swimming pool repairs will have to be completed.


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