Don’t know where the leaks are coming from!

Locating a leak?

At BUSS, our clients say to us all the time “I don’t know where the leaks are coming from?”. They are not alone, most people assume that where they can visibly see the water leaking -such as from the walls, then that is the location of the leak. This is simply not the case. Water travels, meaning, where the leak is visible does not necessarily mean that it is where its point of origin is.

BUSS employs a range of methods to locate a leak within any type of property. Through our leak detection and isolation water testing techniques, BUSS is able to locate the source of any leak and make the necessary repairs.


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Common areas for leaks

Over the years, BUSS have noticed that there are common areas of any structure where leaks are the most apparent.

These include, but are not limited to:

Planter Boxes

As planter boxes are often on rooftops or balconies, when they leak, they consequently seep through to the rooms below.


Multi-story structures are impacted when any of the balconies begin to leak as the water travels to other areas and generates water ingress.


Due to angling of most roof, locating the source of a leak can be challenging due to the distances water is able to travel along the supportive beams.


Even though a shower is designed to be exposed to water constantly, there are signs such as loose tiles, mold and missing grout which are key indicators of a leaking shower.

Water in Walls

Water in the walls can be caused from above and be travelling. If the water is apparent all the time then this is likely a plumbing issue rather than a leak.

Underground Basements

Elevated moisture readings above 13 indicates new waterproofing membranes need to be applied.

where leaks come from


BUSS employs a range of specialised techniques that can help determine the cause and location of the leak. With over 20 years’ experience in the waterproofing industry for both residential and commercial industries, BUSS have expertise knowledge and skills to assist with any water damage. Contact us below or call 08 9444 1732 for more information.

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