Combiflex & Hypalon Joint Repairs Perth

Combiflex and Hypalon joints are a flexible membrane designed to span movement joints and structural cracks to seal the joint from invasive water or chemicals. Combiflex and Hypalon joints can be applied on damp substrates and the supporting epoxy adheres to concrete, iron and steel.

How BUSS can help

BUSS offers over 20 years’ experience in the use of both Combiflex and Hypalon systems within the remedial industry. These systems offer flexible waterproofing tape of multiple widths combined with epoxy adhesives that can be used for multiple applications. Combiflex and Hypalon provides a watertight seal with large movement capabilities in multiple directions. Combiflex and Hypalon joints can be used over long time frames and are protected by backfill through the use of a cover plate. For more information on Combiflex and Hypalon joints, call us on 08 9444 1732.


    Did you know that currently joint sealing repairs are unregulated in WA? How do you know who to trust? Read more...

    Benefits of Combiflex and Hypalon Joints

    The main benefits of utilising Combiflex

    High UV Resistance

     Hypalon joints offers excellent UV protection for potential weather impacts.

    No Stress Cracks

    Hypalon joints offer no susceptibility to environmental stress cracks.

    Chemical Resistance

     Hypalon joints offer excellent chemical resistance to the majority of the industrial liquid discharges.


    Waterproofing of Joints

     Combiflex offers the waterproofing of joints with extreme movements

    Easy Installation and Adjustment

    On complicated sites, Combiflex offers easy installation and adjustment procedures.

    Adhesion to Different Substrates

     Combiflex offers excellent adhesion to various types of substrates.

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