Isolation joints are common at columns where the joint forms either a circle or diamond around the column isolating it from the slabs around it, thus accommodating any movement.  Isolation joints are also used on concrete slabs at walls that need separation from the wall slabs, the isolation joint is placed around the edge of the slab where it meets the wall.  Other areas that may require isolation joints include areas where materials change, such as from concrete to steel, or where temperature conditions change, such as a heated office which adjoins an unheated warehouse.  Additionally, isolation joints are sometimes utilised in bridges and road where differential settlement (one slab settles or moves differently than the one next to it).




mend street jetty

Mend Street Jetty

The Mend Street Jetty, located on the southern shore of the Swan River and constructed circa 1975, operates as a Transperth Ferry Terminal. It’s understood

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HBF Park 1 repairs external brickwork

HBF Park

HBF Park, formerly known as Perth Oval and located close to Perth’s CBD, is a sports stadium which hosts sporting events as well as concerts.

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Johnson Court 1 demolition

Johnson Court

Johnson Court is a ten-story development comprising 120 retail and residential properties. Cracked bricks on the upper floor balcony nib walls, on the western elevation

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KRSP Balgo Community Image 3 Joint sealing works in progress

Balgo Community

Balgo is a community located within the Shire of Halls Creek, off Tanami Road, in Western Australia. Established by German missionaries in 1939, Balgo lies

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