Johnson Court

Roof Tie Down Works

Council of Owners

23 Adelaide St, Fremantle
Johnson Court 1 demolition

Johnson Court is a ten-story development comprising 120 retail and residential properties. Cracked bricks on the upper floor balcony nib walls, on the western elevation of the building, prompted the Council of Owners to have a Structural Assessment undertaken on the structure in June 2020.

The report advised that the balcony wing walls of the 12 units on the upper floor were all cracked in a similar pattern; 23 nib walls in total. During the course of the assessment, a brick had been removed in one of the units to reveal a roof tie-down that was in an advanced state of corrosion. It was determined that the brick cracking, in each of the 23 balcony wing walls, was the result of the swelling of the corroded tie-downs.

In September 2021, the Council of Owners engaged BUSS to complete the remedial works; the work scope included the following:
• Demolition of cracked wall nib bricks around the roof tie-downs;
• Installation of new hot dipped galvanised tie-downs;
• Reconstruction of the wall nib bricks around the new roof tie-downs with like for like bricks toothed into the existing;
• Brick and window sill repointing;
• Repainting of window lintels; and
• Installation of fixings to the roof structure (like for like)

Johnson Court 1 demolition

Fig 1: Demolition of cracked wall nib bricks exposing corroded roof tie down.

Johnson Court 2 corroded roof tie

Fig 2: Corroded roof tie-down in wall nib

Johnson Court 4 reconstruction

Fig 3: Reconstruction of wall nib bricks around new roof tie-down

Johnson Court 3 drops

Fig 4: Drops (shaded in yellow) to be repointed

Johnson Court 5 repointing

Fig 5: Repointing works in progress


Graham Murphy


  • Works completed via swing stage;
  • Works were completed with minimal disruption to building occupants; and
  • Works were successfully completed within budget and on schedule.


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Johnson Court 1 demolition

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