Why waterproof a planter box?

Waterproofing a planter box will protect it from developing cracks that would allow water to leak onto surrounding areas and penetrate internal areas if over, or adjacent to, interior finish work.  For planter boxes that reside near a buildings structure, waterproofing them will guard against deterioration of the structure thus preventing concrete cancer.  It will defend against water ingress onto balconies, decking, pathways and paved areas which would give rise to staining and excess moisture which promotes the growth of fungus and bacterial allergies, delaminates deck coatings and produces dry rot of wooden decking.  Additionally, the waterproofing of a planter box will provide it with a longer service life while also guarding against leaching of highly alkaline salts into the soil, potentially stunting the growth of plants.



Consequences of not waterproofing your planter box

All too often the waterproofing of planter boxes is either overlooked or incorrectly completed.  Over the years BUSS have seen many instances of either no waterproofing system or poorly installed or damaged waterproofing systems to planter boxes, and while functioning well in the beginning, over time the effects of heavy rainfall and/or overwatering have presented multiple hazards, serious damage and costly repairs.

BUSS’ waterproofing specialists ensure a fit for purpose waterproofing membrane system is selected for the planter box; this is dependent on its shape, substrate, plant and soil matter it will house, its placement, surrounds and weather exposure.  We will complete the surface preparation works and professional installation of the membrane in line with Australian Standards, thus safeguarding your product warranty.


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