Why is it important to Waterproof a new building

Why you should Waterproof a new building?

Waterproofing is a fundamental but often overlooked aspect of new build construction. Waterproofing is a preventative construction measure taken to inhibit water from damaging a building (both the interior and exterior).

Waterproofing processes include roof covering materials, siding and must be at least water-resistant and often waterproof. Many types of waterproof membrane systems are available dependent on specific requirements.

What Happens if you don’t want a new building?

Not waterproofing a new building can lead to various levels of water damage. Water damage can be a costly and ongoing problem if a building isn’t properly waterproofed. If there is water damage to a newly built structure, you can expect potential structural integrity problems and more to follow.

When a building is exposed to water, the foundations may crack or the joints will expand. This can lead to sever structural problems and interior leaks, concrete spalling and concrete deterioration. The presenting of mold and mildew is also a very common result of poor waterproofing. Mold and mildew can pose a health hazard for occupiers of the building.


Did you know that currently waterproofing is unregulated in WA? How do you know who to trust? Read more...

Why waterproofing a new building is advisable?

There are many reasons as to why waterproofing a new building is advisable. These include:

Building regulations

Waterproofing is quickly becoming of high importance for building codes in high-rise buildings, bathrooms and more for residential, strata and commercial properties.

Preventing risks

Without waterproofing, the risk of structural damage (both interior and exterior) is increased. If waterproofing is not done correctly, there is a greater risk of having ongoing water damage.

Ongoing unnecessary costs

Often, until water damage becomes visible do occupants seek repairs. By this stage, the water damage can be extensive and have damaged multiple areas requiring ongoing costs.

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BUSS have highly qualified waterproofing specialists available who can assess the level of water damage or what scope of waterproofing is required for a new building. With over 20 years’ of experience in both the commercial and residential waterproofing for new builds, we provide a high standard of work and results. Contact us below or call us on 08 9444 1732 for more information.

BUSS is qualified and experienced in the proper and professional concrete repair technique that is critical to returning a building or asset to safe operating performance. Some form of structural repairs is required for all concrete structures over time. If evidence of cracking, drummy concrete, rust staining or concrete cancer is present then immediate repair becomes a necessity as further deterioration increases the likelihood of damage. If left unabated then a failure of the structure becomes an increasingly likely result.

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