Waterproofing and Joint Sealing


Venues West


Mark Brokensha


The HBF stadium has stood for over 30 years in Perth and has been a frequently used as a sporting and events venue.

BUSS was requested to come and repair two separate stair access points that had water leaking damage. Under the stair landings, water was getting into their computer room below.

The main issue was to seal the stair landings and existing walls and ensure that they were suitably waterproofed. Additional to the water ingress, there was also cracks due to structural integrity problems.

To complete the work, BUSS was required to secure the area with minimal disturbance to staff and general public usage. From here, BUSS ground back the stair landings and removed damaged sealant. Then replaced it with a polyurethane sealant to ensure waterproofing. To fix the existing cracks, BUSS cut out cracked areas and also filled with polyurethane sealant.

After ensuring the water ingress and cracked areas were securely waterproofed, BUSS applied a non-slip surface product for optimal safety going forward.


  • Sikaflex Pro: Removes atmospheric moisture to form a waterproofed seal.
  • A&I coatings: high-performance non-slip coatings that can be applied to a range of surfaces.


  • Work completed with limited disturbance to staff and venue guests
  • The job was completed on time
  • Stair landings are now completely waterproof