Stirling Court Apartments

Waterproofing to Balconies, Stairs and Walkways


2 Stirling Street, South Perth

Pic 1 Stirling Court Apartment Complex


The Stirling Court Apartments complex is a 3-level block of residential units, located on the sought-after South Perth Peninsula. The complex has a riverside positioning allowing for views of the Swan River and Swan Brewery and offering a South Perth foreshore lifestyle to its residents.

In late May 2021, Magixstrata, on behalf of the council of owners, engaged the services of BUSS to install a new waterproofing membrane system and recoating to all the common walkways, balconies, stairs, stair landings and ground floor slab surfaces. BUSS mobilised to site in June and completed the following scope of work:

  • Surface preperation to the relevant areas;
  • Application of flexible covering/seal at wall-to-floor interfaces;
  • Application of a new 3-coat, fast curing waterproofing system, to common walkways, balconies, stairs, stair landings and ground floor slab surfaces (including a 150mm upturn to walls); and
  • Installation of reflective, non-slip tape to stair nosing.
Pic 2 Before the stairwell coating

Fig 2: Before the stairwell coating

Pic 3 After the stairwell coating

Fig 3: After the stairwell coating

Pic 4 Before the walkway coating

Fig 4: Before the walkway coating

Pic 5 After the walkway coating

Fig 5: After the walkway coating



Graham Murphy

  • The newly installed system included a non-slip, UV stable, trafficable coating to all areas;
  • By using a fast curing waterproofing system we were able to complete the installation in one day, thus reducing inconvenience to the residents (with regards to accessing their apartments), to within 4 hours; and
  • The works were successfully completed to schedule and on budget.


Stirling Court Apartments,
2 Stirling Street South Perth


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