Don Aitken Centre

Level 9 Balcony – Waterproofing

Programmed Facilities Management

40 Waterloo Crescent, Perth WA

Image 1. Before works completion North side of balcony 1


The Don Aitken Centre, constructed circa 1968, houses the Main Roads WA Head Office. The building, consisting of a concrete and steel portal frame, is made up of 11 levels which comprise a basement, ground floor and upper floors 1 to 9 inclusive.

BUSS Group was awarded the contract to complete waterproofing works to the Level 9 balcony which was experiencing water ingress issues. In October 2020, BUSS mobilised to site to commence the works which included the following scope:

  • Removal of existing waterproofing membrane and/or coating system;
  • Removal of existing screed and replace with new;
  • Repair of surface defects as required;
  • Application of a concrete topping (wear slab);
  • Installation of new high performance 2-layer torch-on waterproofing membrane system; and
  • Undertake water test upon completion.
Image 2. After works completion North side of balcony

Fig 2: After works completion to the North side of the balcony

Image 3. Waterproofing works in progress square

Fig 3: Waterproofing works in progress



Graham Murphy

  • The building remained fully occupied for the duration of the works
  • All noisey works, and that causing vibration, was scheduled for after office hours and during weekends; and
  • The works were successfully completed on schedule and to budget


40 Waterloo Crescent, Perth WA


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