South City Beach Kiosk

Concrete Soffit Repairs, Roof Repairs & Painting

Town of Cambridge

Challenger Parade, City Beach

Image 1. Concrete breakout works 2


The South City Beach Kiosk is located approximately 75m from the ocean, opposite Jubilee Park, in the suburb of City Beach. Constructed in the early 1970’s, all the elements of the structure are cast in-situ concrete, including the curved walls and curved roof slab.

The Kiosk is positioned in very close proximity to the sea and because the seawater comprises a high concentration of chloride ions, elements of the structure were significantly degraded due to the corrosion of the steel reinforcements. In late 2020, BUSS was successful in award of the tender to complete the necessary repairs. The works, commencing in early 2021, included the following scope:

  • Remove existing coatings, loose concrete, etc from the entire structure, including the roof;
  • Thoroughly clean the outer surface of the concrete using high-pressure potable water blasting techniques;
  • Concrete repair works to top and soffit of the concrete roof; and
  • The entire top, soffit and underside of the roof surfaces was sprayed with a coat of silane primer and an anti-chloride, followed by an anti-carbonation acrylic topcoat to reduce further future chloride ingress into the concrete.
Image 2. Rebuilding of concrete walls 2

Fig 2: Rebuilding of concrete wall(s) to servery area

Image 3. Replacement of concrete discs 2

Fig 3: Replacement of concrete discs over roof breathing vents



Graham Murphy

  • BUSS was awarded additional works which included the demolition of the plumbing elements in the male & female shower & toilet faciity, demolition and rebuilding of the concrete wall(s) to the servery and further painting & rendering of the structure; and
  • The works were successfully completed within budget and to the revised schedule.


Challenger Parade, City Beach


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